Why Dr. Todd Kays?

Dr. Kays offers a majority of ways to help your golf game be the best it can be. From reading material, to his latest podcast episode, let Dr. Kays improve your game.




Individualized Mental Training Plan

Training for golfers at all levels, including PGA, LPGA, Mini-Tour, collegiate, high school and middle school personalized for your direct needs and goals.

Live Observation and On-Course Training

Dr. Kays works with golfers on the course, driving range, putting green and attends tournaments for live observations.

Direct Access to Dr. Todd Kays

Direct access to Dr. Kays through phone, email, text, FaceTime, SKYPE, Instagram, Twitter and many other forms of social media

Travel & Observation

Dr. Kays travels all throughout the United States to see his golfers compete as he wants to make sure they get to where they want to go and live observations is an important part.

Work With Other Members Of The Performance Team

Dr. Kays works with swing coaches, TPI fitness instructors and physical therapists, and dietitians and health coaches, and physicians to make sure a team approach is being taken.

Private Indoor and Outdoor Training Facilities

Dr. Kays works with his golfers at the indoor facility The Golf Room, owned and founded by Kyle Morris, PGA Professional and Director of Golf. The Golf Room contains all of Dr. Kays’ biofeedback and neurofeedback equipments so direct measure and change can take place as well as TrackMan and K-Vest.

Dr. Kays provides access to a private training area at the back range of the Golf Club of Dublin. This area is exclusive to students of Dr. Kays and Kyle Morris.



Dr. Kays has developed numerous products that have helped his students and clients go low and shoot some of the most consistent scores ever. He has written books, developed hundreds of podcasts and writings, as well as teaches players how to use the latest technology in biofeedback and neurofeedback – all to make sure his students obtain the goals they seek – whether a college scholarship, winning a high school state championship, the club championship or a Top Ten on the PGA or mini-tour.


Dr. Kays will come to your club, college, high school or community to help golfers become the most mentally tough in the area. He has spoken all over the world and is passionate about teaching players all of the practices and processes that they have never been exposed so that they get lower scores!! Hit the Contact Us button and Dr. Kays will discuss directly with you the best way to help your audience as well as logistics such as fees and dates.

Golf Podcasts

Want more Dr. Todd Kays, instantly? Find his latest thoughts on everything Sport Psychology related on the latest installment of his Podcast!