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Bouncing Back - Tap or Toss

Mental Tool for Letting Go of Mistake or Poor Shot

Dr. Kays is one of the premier golf mental coaches in the country. With his 25 years of experience working with golfers on the PGA, LPGA, collegiate and junior players, he knows the mental side of this challenging game.

Dr. Kays make certain that golfers of all skill levels learn how to train their mental muscle. He prides himself in offering cutting-edge mental training tactics utilizing the latest technologies and experiential approaches.

Our golfers benefit from our unparalleled availability and dedication as we frequent many area courses and offer hours on nights and weekends. We understand the golfing lifestyle is not just a 9-5 job. We do whatever it takes to build success!

Dr. Todd Kays Golf

Dr. Kays has helped me take my game to the next level. He has made it possible for me to play at the Division I level in college. There is no way I could have ever gotten this far without him. I am looking forward to getting even better and better during my senior year and him helping me to get better and better in college.

I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Todd Kays. He helped me so incredibly much on and off the golf course. He is so easy to talk to and is a wealth of ways to deal with stress and pressure, stay calm, and move on after rough shots and holes. I would not be at the level of golf that I am at if I hadn’t worked with him.

Why Dr. Todd Kays?

Dr Kays has worked with golfers for the past 25 years. He is one of the premier golf psychologists in the mid-West with a primary specialty in Sports Psychology. Dr Kays works with golfers of all levels from PGA and LPGA to juniors. He is truly dedicated to change and growth and makes himself available through phone, email, text, and Coach Now 7-days a week. Dr Kays meets with golfers where they learn best whether it be on the range, course, putting and chipping green, in the office, or over SKYPE. He can attend tournaments to make live observations of a golfer in the middle of the action and works with a golfer’s team, which may include swing coach, fitness instructor, physical therapist, dietician, sports medicine physician and parents of junior golfers. Dr Kays sets clear mental training plans that golfers can practice on and off the course. He uses the latest technology, including Focus Band and Inner Balance (see videos above) to help golfers stop thinking and start playing.

Where Do I Start?

After the initial consultation, Dr. Kays will make specific recommendations for the player. These can include sessions at the office, Golf Room, private training facility at Golf Club of Dublin, or player’s home course, or even joining one of the small training groups. Dr. Kays can also indicate if he feels a live observation at a tournament would be helpful and/or a mutual session with the player and swing coach. Dr. Kays is truly dedicated to developing the best plan for you.

5 key components

optimal performance

Dr. Kays look at everything it takes to perform consistently at the top. This component addresses how golfers must prepare their bodies from a physical standpoint, including fitness, strength, power, flexibility, sleep and nutrition.
This is where the player obtains the tools and training strategies for the mind. Many golfers have great swings and fit bodies, but cannot score or play in a state of “excitement with ease.” This is the difference maker – Dr. Kays will make sure the player knows how to practice and improve this critical, yet ignored, part of the game.
The component is where golfers spend most of their time – swing mechanics, putting and short game practice, wedge control, and so many other important skills. But a player must be able to execute these skills when it counts and that is where Dr. Kays steps into the arena.
This area of training is mostly done with swing coaches, but players must know how to map out a course, create their best game plan for that day, and then execute the game plan. By preparing this part of the game, golfers take thinking out of it – and that is what Dr. Kays wants!
Every golfer is a “person” first and foremost. Golfers need to balance and manage aspects of life outside of golf, such as relationships, academics, college selection, work and career and numerous other things. Dr. Kays makes certain that these areas are addressed because if not, performance on the course and in life will suffer.

Want to Start Seeing Lower Scores? Let Dr. Kays Help!

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